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★Advanced equipment. It has a domestic continuous casting and rolling radiation-proof lead plate production line and a cold extrusion production line for two thousand tons of lead products imported from the United States. Five lead plate assembly lines: 1 2.2 m wide, 2 1.3 m wide and 2 1 m wide. Sophisticated equipment, high precision products, large production capacity. Super power motor, not only the lead plate, lead anode plate, lead tin plate quality greatly improved, but also can rolling containing 0.5-15% antimony alloy lead plate, lead silver plate, lead tin alloy plate, lead calcium strontium silver alloy plate, tin plate.

★Testing equipment. German Spike direct reading spectrometer, atomic absorption spectrometer, etc.
★Raw material procurement strictly. The raw material adopts national standard 1# electrolytic lead. And there are imported German Spike direct reading spectrometer testing to ensure quality.
★Excellent quality, good brand (Ji Meilun brand). The lead plate production strictly implements the GB/T 1470-2014 standard, and the product has passed the detection of the radiation protection equipment and protection quality monitoring center of the Ministry of Health.
★The price is low, the production process of raw material loss all internal digestion, not amortized into the cost. This greatly reduces the ex-factory price of the lead plate.
The company's Ji Meilun brand, Baofeng brand battery special alloy, is a comprehensive Japan, Germany, the United States and other countries of advanced technical standards, combined with China's battery industry technology and equipment status quo, learn from the domestic battery factory production experience and development.
★The company's products, can guarantee to meet the maintenance-free battery, less maintenance battery and ordinary type battery grid, lead parts casting production needs. The corrosion resistance, mechanical strength and water consumption indexes of the products meet or exceed the international advanced standards, and the fluidity and hardening speed indexes are also optimized.
★Applicable to the requirements of different types of battery production, our products have three series and eight varieties, including application alloy series and mother alloy series. At the same time, we have special alloy series processed according to user requirements. The varieties are: lead antimony table gold, lead antimony arsenic alloy, low antimony arsenic corrosion resistant alloy, low antimony arsenic closed alloy, low antimony silver maintenance free alloy, low antimony arsenic maintenance free alloy, lead calcium alloy, lead calcium aluminum tin alloy.
Our customers are all over the country and all over the world. Your company has become our partner and enjoys the excellent service and high quality and low price products provided by our company. Welcome to visit the company. Reimbursement of travel expenses. Beware of counterfeiting!

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