Is there no radiation if the CT room is installed with radiation-proof lead plates?

If it is a four-way machine, that is, the kind that can take dozens of films at a time, it can be similar. If it is a directional machine, it is usually not the same. The energy of the ray will be much smaller after it is reflected or absorbed by the wall or other insulation for many times. However, the normal exposure room will not be able to see the ray machine directly when the door is opened. There is usually a channel (that is, a wall is separated) or a labyrinth channel.


How does the lead plate play a role in radiation protection

The primary component of the lead plate is lead, lead is a relatively important heavy metal, with many characteristics, which is more important is its density is relatively large, hardness and various anti-corrosion and anti-wear functions are relatively high. Has a relatively large quality and density, mainly used for the production of lead batteries, in the acid industry and metallurgical industry with lead plate, lead pipe for fabric maintenance equipment, electrical industry, lead used as cable sheath and fuse. Lead alloys containing tin and antimony are used for printing movable type, lead-tin alloys are used for making fusible lead electrodes, and lead plates and lead-plated steel plates are used in the construction industry. Lead has good absorption of X-rays and gamma rays and is widely used as maintenance data for X-ray machines and atomic energy equipment. Because of lead toxicity and economic reasons, lead in some areas has been or will be replaced by other information. One of the more important is used in the field of radiation protection. Let's understand how the lead plate plays a radiation protection effect: Obviously, the higher the material density, the stronger the obstruction. As for the atomic number, generally the higher the atomic number, the stronger the frustrating ability. Gamma rays into the material, the general first attack photoelectric effect, Compton effect. The probability of the onset of the two effects is related to the atomic number of the obstructing substance. The higher the atomic number, the greater the probability of the effect. The atomic number of lead is 82. In addition to the above two elements, the lead plate is also related to the energy of the gamma ray itself. The higher the energy, the smaller the probability of the photoelectric effect and the Compton effect. The more penetrating the gamma rays are. Equivalent to the material obstruction can be weaker. The atomic number of lead is 82, which is a substance with a relatively high atomic number in nature. Of course, the ability to block nuclear radiation is stronger. A substance that is higher than lead will be stronger. But unfortunately, these substances are rare substances on the earth, and the cost is relatively expensive (such as gold with atomic number 79 and bismuth with atomic number 83). What's more, these substances are generally radioactive. Of course, it would be better to use lead to block nuclear radiation protection. From the above, it can be seen that the primary radiation protection function of the lead plate is superior. Through many rays and many radioactive gases, it has a relatively strong resistance effect, especially in hospitals, offices, railway stations, bus stations, campuses and other places, lead plates are used as an important method to resist radiation corrosion.


Ray protection door manufacturers can also use thick core waste brick wall.

The radiation protection door can absorb radioactive rays and can be used as the protection data of the atomic energy industry and X-ray instruments and equipment. Therefore, lead plates can be generally used for radiation protection, so in solid clay brick walls, ray protection door manufacturers can also use thick-core waste slag brick walls. Let's understand the absorption of rays by the wall device of the lower ray protection concierge: Attention should be paid to the plump mortar without leaving gaps when laying bricks, but it is difficult for actual construction personnel to achieve plump mortar when laying bricks. Therefore, barium sulfate sand after 1.5-2cm can be plastered on the built brick wall surface to compensate for the defects of brick joints. When setting up machine positions in the machine room together, it is necessary to avoid letting wire harnesses face the operation room. If compartment operation is not available, a removable protective screen with 1mm lead equivalent may be equipped for screen exposure during filming. Medical instruments used in hospitals are protected from radiation by lead plates. Can prevent the radiation of alpha rays, but also several other kinds of particles, alpha particles penetration is weak, difficult to penetrate the lead plate, such as uranium 235 transport, put it in a lead box. Radiation has electromagnetic wave characteristics and particle characteristics, that is, wave-particle two-like, there is no metal insulation layer to meet the density and thickness of radiation particles to penetrate the empty spider web. The radiation protection must be physically isolated, so that the radiation particles hit the metal atoms of the isolation layer to be refracted or rebounded. For example, various alpha rays, beta rays, high-energy X-ray or neutron radiation rays, gamma rays, etc. However, there is an exception. Atomic physicists seal the film in a lead box. Alpha rays and beta rays expose the film, so don't be superstitious about radiation protection materials. The radiation protection doors and windows of the machine room shall be provided with a 1mm lead equivalent shielding layer. If the height of the protective window is 2m above the ground, the protective window can also be a general window. Outside the radiation protection door, red warning lights, ionizing radiation warning signs and warning signs for pregnancy should be posted, and the protection rules for closing the door and exposure should be strictly enforced, and the safety of waiting outside the door and other types of work should be ensured. Room ventilation national standard rules, the room to adhere to the outstanding ventilation. Mechanical ventilation can be used in different ways, or natural ventilation can be enhanced by louvered air inlets at the bottom of radiation protection doors and movable open louvers. Generally adhere to the number of ventilation is 3-4 times per hour. Sundries unrelated to the confirmed operation shall not be piled up in the machine room. In the outpatient department of the hospital, the waiting location of the subjects in the room should be selected appropriately and there should be corresponding protective measures. The ray protection door is primarily used for radiation protection, and the lead door is composed of stainless steel lead plate. Ray protection doors are primarily used to obstruct the entrance and exit of rays, and are primarily used in hospitals, engine rooms and mining areas. According to the door type, it can be divided into flat open anti-ray door, sliding anti-ray door and electric anti-ray door.


What is the important purpose of making a ray protection door?

The radiation protection door is a professional radiation prevention door, which can resist the damage of radiation to our human body. The oral cavity room, X-ray room, CT room and other places of the hospital have regulations in the state. Only places involving radiation should use this kind of door, and find a qualified professional company to make it. After the device is finished, it can be officially put into use only after passing the test by the National Disease Control Center. What is the purpose and function of making a ray protection door? 1. Shielding function of ray protection door: The outside is stainless steel plate, the general size is 2150mm * high * 1300mm * wide * 100mm thick, keel is set inside, and 2-3mm shielding plate is lined (according to different data requirements and thickness requirements of ray instruments in different departments), so that the dose of operators can reach the national target value, and can also be customized according to needs. 2. Chain function: The ray protection door is interlocked with the power supply of the shining device, and the ray machine cannot be opened when the door is opened. If the ray protection door is opened when the ray device is opened, it will be shut down immediately within 2 seconds. 3. Control requirements for ray protection door (lead door): The ray protection door switch can be controlled by computer, button and manual, supporting the bus interface, showing the door condition on the computer, and the LED on the door showing the operation condition. 4. Safety requirements for ray protection door: It has a position sensor and an infrared detector. If a person approaches or touches the door during the closing process, the door will be closed and opened actively. It has the functions of operating stroke, limit and time protection.


It is very necessary to clean the ray protection door frequently.

The ray protection door has an irreplaceable effect on shielding radiation. It is made of special metal materials and is expensive. In order to extend its service life and make the ray protection door play a more lasting protective effect, it is necessary to clean it frequently. 1., first of all, if you want to provide an outstanding use environment for the ray protection door, you must not be able to pile up sundries in the ray protection door. When storing, you should put it in a room that is not exposed to direct sunlight, away from heat sources, and has excellent ventilation, so as to prevent contact with chemicals such as acid and alkali, and avoid shortening the service life of the ray protection door. 2. it is not necessary to ensure that each component of the radiation protection door is necessary to be useful and cannot show the phenomenon of damage and lack. If the radiation protection door is found to be damaged in the usual maintenance, it must be repaired in time and must not be delayed to the next moment for repair. When 3. the ray protection door for cleaning, it is to stop the use of ordinary detergent to clean, or acid and alkaline detergent. The above three points are the reasons why the ray protection door, which is about the common sense of ray protection, should be cleaned frequently. I hope everyone can learn from it and avoid the situation that they have spent a lot of money on installation and have serious losses due to lack of frequent cleaning or maintenance.


Important relationship between lead plate and design thickness of protective layer

Factors related to the design thickness of the lead plate and protective layer: 1, the nature of the protective layer of the data, the general density of the data has a better protective effect. Such as lead, steel, concrete, lead glass, etc. 2. The influence of environmental factors, whether there is any personnel working or walking outside the flaw detection room to decide whether to add or reduce the degree locally. 3. Type of X-ray machine (unidirectional machine or circumferential machine), 4, the length of the operator's weekly operation time, 5. The distance between the protective layer and the X-ray machine target (ball tube), 6. The tube voltage and tube current of the X-ray machine are too small The low-efficiency operation of the lead plate profession will become the norm, and some lead plate enterprises will continue to lose cash, and even lead plate may break the lead plate capital chain. Looking ahead to the lead board store, the lead board store will still be the lead board store with over-capacity. The national policy is gradually being implemented, from reducing production capacity to energy conservation and environmental protection, from quality improvement to high-tech research and development, etc. are all going step by step. The medium and heavy plate market in the next year will be a relatively quiet year, although it will not change much from a large scale, but there will still be changes in a small scale. Whether it is the price change or the requirement of improving the quality of steel itself or solving the overcapacity, even the supervision mechanism for all aspects of steel mills will gradually deepen. It is estimated that the overall price trend of domestic medium and heavy plate shopping malls will be stable and strong. Lead plate demand is relatively stable, which can also be seen from the inventory changes throughout the year. Downstream anti-radiation lead plate terminal procurement is still cautious, it is estimated that the short-term anti-radiation lead plate dry flow price will be low consolidation. Anti-radiation lead board store: This week, the price of anti-radiation lead board in North China is stable and loose. The inventory of anti-radiation lead board enterprises is not high, and the shipment of anti-radiation lead board has been improved and partially adjusted. At present, the supply side of shopping malls in a single area is relatively tight, and independent coking plants are still processing at full capacity. However, due to the general malaise of steel, iron ore and other related types, it is estimated that the price of the main stream of short-term coke shopping malls has fallen steadily.


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Lead content standard for radiation resistant lead boxes

The content standard for radiation resistant lead boxes is designed to ensure the highest level of safety and efficacy in protecting against radiation exposure.


What are tin products

Tin products refer to various items that are made from tin, a soft, malleable, and silvery-white metal. Tin is commonly used in the manufacturing industry due to its low toxicity, corrosion resistance, and ability to form alloys with other metals.

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