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Is there no radiation if the CT room is installed with radiation-proof lead plates?


Is there no radiation if the CT room is installed with radiation-proof lead plates?

If it is a four-way machine, that is, the kind that can take dozens of films at a time, it can be similar. If it is a directional machine, it is usually not the same. The energy of the ray will be much smaller after it is reflected or absorbed by the wall or other insulation for many times. However, the normal exposure room will not be able to see the ray machine directly when the door is opened. There is usually a channel (that is, a wall is separated) or a labyrinth channel.
If the CT machine is operating at this time, is the radiation the same as when the operation is suspended.

If it is a gamma source, there can be radiation, but if it is an X-ray source, there will be no radiation after the suspension of operation.
After the film is finished, when the machine is in operation, open the door. Is the radiation the same. If the machine stops working, will the remaining radiation be the same?
Under normal circumstances, the door belongs to a safe chain. Even if the machine is in operation and the door is suddenly opened, the machine will stop voluntarily. If the machine stops operation, there will be ionized air inside, which has little effect on people. However, after listening to the old master, the air is not very good for skin. For a long time, the company has cooperated closely with relevant domestic scientific research and planning institutions, committed to the research and development of radiation protection and non-destructive testing skills and equipment. Specializing in industrial, scientific research, medical X, gamma rays, neutron rays and other radiation protection equipment and engineering planning, manufacturing and construction. The main commodities and business scope are: industrial x, gamma ray detection protection lead door series, industrial x, gamma ray detection protection lead room series, large steel layout concrete protection door series, medical radiation protection series. The company also specializes in manufacturing radiation-proof lead plates, lead screens, storage boxes, lead protective clothing and other lead-based radiation protection products. At present, the products have been widely used in boiler and pressure vessel, petrochemical industry, pressure pipeline, aerospace, machinery, military industry, nuclear industry, medicine, electric power, electronics, irradiation and other occupations. Commodities in the home together, actively expand the international market, some commodities have been exported to overseas ...... and other related high-end commodities, and adapt to the occupation to carry out vigorously to carry out domestic preemptive welding aluminum commodities, aluminum flux, welding aluminum solder wire, etc., forming a wide range of commodity systems, commodities are widely used in aerospace, electronic communications, home appliances and chemicals, automobile radiators, anti-corrosion, radiation-proof lead plates and other occupations. The goods are exported to more than a dozen countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, Belgium, South America, South Korea, Hong Kong, Australia and Europe and Southeast Asia. The company has strong skills and development ability, complete laboratory equipment, leading testing methods, through continuous innovation, we are in a leading position in the skill level of the same profession, we will continue to move forward from beginning to end, and continue to provide customers with more competitive commodity solutions.

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All lead products produced are made of more than 99.99 lead ingots, which are mainly used for hospital protection, industrial flaw detection, industrial corrosion prevention and radiation protection. The standard width and thickness of lead plates are 1.5 meters, and the thickness mm-50mm from 0.3 meters. They can also be customized according to user needs.
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Composite protective board series: it is produced by leading active assembly line, with commodity density, appearance lubrication and high strength. it can be used for radiation protection in radioactive workplaces such as hospital, ct room, x-ray room, suspended ceiling of operating room, partition wall and wall. Pingli anti-radiation lead plate refers to a plate rolled from metal Pingli lead. At present, the common thickness in China is 1-20mm, and the common standard is 1000*2000MM. The best machine in China can manufacture the widest 1300MM and the longest 8000MM. Most of them are made of 1# electrolytic Pingli lead, and there are also those made of recovered Pingli lead on the market. Its quality is slightly worse, the price difference is a little. Pingli anti-radiation lead board has strong anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, acid environment construction, medical anti-radiation lead board, X-ray, CT room radiation protection, intensification, sound insulation and many other aspects, and is a kind of anti-radiation lead board data that is sold at a low price. Generally, the purity of Pingli anti-radiation lead plate produced in China is more than 99.99, which is a national standard commodity with a density of 11.34g/cm3.